Affordable Housing


Section 8

  • Waitlist is currently closed. -Except for veterans: VASH program offers section 8 vouchers to veterans. Veterans should go to the Lacey Veterans Service Hub,4232 6th Ave SE, Suite 201, Lacey, WA, 98503

  • Tenant based voucher pays rent at any HUD approved dwelling.
  • Any low-income people can apply.
  • Tenant pays 30% income in rent.
  • Apply at the Housing Authority.

Common Problems:

  • Tenants who are evicted from an apartment while on Sect. 8 lose their voucher and are barred from reapplying for a few years.

Site-Based Subsidized Housing

  • Tenant pays 30% of her/his income in rent.
  • Wait lists range from two months to two years.
  • Apply at each individual apartment complex.
  • Apartments are privately owned and generally have similar application standards and rules to private market housing.
  • There are numerous apartment complexes subsidized by Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Thurston County. Each location maintains a separate wait list.

See Subsidized Housing List  for a complete listing and applications.