DSHS Fair Hearings Appeals

To file a Fair Hearing:

  1. Complete the Fair Hearing Form at DSHS. Get a date-stamped photocopy!
  2. Follow up with a call to the Office of Administrative Hearings to confirm the Fair Hearing request: 360-753-2531.
  3. After setting up the hearing, call Power (352-9716) for TANF or Food Stamp related issues, or Northwest Justice Project for all other issues (1 888 201 1014). They can help through the process, or even assign an attorney to the case.
  4. For MCS/ABD appeals, request a medical coupon to gather further medical evidence (second opinions from doctors, etc.).

Also, most Fair Hearing requests never make it to court; the Fair Hearing Coordinator usually resolves the issue first. Give her a call; you will likely find her to be friendly and helpful!!