Special Needs Housing

Oxford Homes

(301) 587-2916

  • Oxford Homes are self-run, communal homes for people recovering from addiction(s), see Chemical Dependency.
  • Requires 30 days clean & sober, relapse results in expulsion.
  • Rooms for men, women, and children at nearly 2000 houses across the country.
  • Rent is $325-$400 per month.
  • Participants can stay as long as they choose if they remain clean and sober. The average stay is one year.
  • Find vacancies at the Oxford House website.

Adult Family Homes

  • Shared houses for people who have difficulty with basic “activities of daily living.” Contact your caseworker for more info.
  • List of Adult Family Homes can be found on the ALTSA section of the DSHS website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/altsa