Subsidized Housing List

The following guidelines generally apply to the list below:

  • Tenant pays 30% of her/his income in rent.
  • Wait lists range from two months to four years.
  • Apply at each individual apartment complex. Each location maintains a separate wait list.
  • Apartments are privately owned and generally have similar application standards and rules to fair-market-rate housing.

In addition to these items, some programs are elderly-only. And some of the "Family" housing will actually take households without children.

Disabled &/or Elderly Housing:

(Note: Wait list lengths are included where known, accompanied by the date they were acquired.)

Ashford Apartments -- Senior (62 and older) and disabled only

24 Units: 1&2 bedrooms NE 24170 Hwy 3 NE, Belfair, WA 360 275-1400

Wait period (as of 5/15):  for one bdrms, 8 mos. to 1 year; for two bdrms (of which there are only 2) more than a year.

Willing to work with bad credit history; evictions:  "have to have a really good reason," like medical bills; some leeway with lesser felony convictions (such as drug possession) that are over 10-years-old.  No sex offenders, felons convicted of violent crimes.

Belfair House (same management company as for Ashford -- see the above entry for all information, including wait period)

24 Units: 1 and 2 Bedrooms NE 170 Hwy 3 NE, Belfair,WA  360 275-1400

Casa Madrona (for people 55 and over and disabled people)

70 Units: 1 Bedroom 3948 Martin Way, Olympia, WA  360 412-7430

Wait period (as of 5/15): 2-3 years.  

Review felony convictions and past evictions on a case-by-case basis.  Set up an interview to discuss with a property manager.  If on national sex offender registry, will be denied.  Bad credit okay.

Evergreen Apartments and Rainbow Park

907 W Simpson, McCleary, WA  360 495-4191

Wait list is currently (5/15) open; waiting period is up to 6-8 months for both complexes, which are USDA-subsidized.  Evergreen Apartments is for families; Rainbow Park is for people 62 and over and for disabled people of any age. Sex offense-related and domestic violence convictions are grounds for automatic denial, as are felony convictions within the last seven years; so are most drug-charge-related convictions within the last ten years although exceptions can be made.

Evergreen Villages

180 Units: 1,2,3,&4 bedrooms 505 Division Street NW, Olympia, WA  360 943-5505

Currently (5/15) accepting applications ONLY for "qualified large families" of 4 people or more.  Wait list for 1- and 2-bedroom apartments is closed.

Fir Tree Park: Senior (62+) Only

60 Units: 1 bedroom 614 N 4th St, Shelton, WA  360 426-5666.  

Wait period:  9+ months. First come, first serve.  

Bad credit history is not a problem unless there is money owed to another property management company or landlord, an automatic disqualifying factor.  Ten years must have elapsed since applicants have been taken off probation for a felony to qualify and three years must have elapsed following the completion of probation and/or any time they have served for a misdemeanor conviction.  No sex offenders.

Goldsborough Creek: Senior (62+) Only

24 Units: mostly 1 bedroom 303 S 7th St., Shelton, WA  360 426-3903

Wait period:  1 year

Recent bankruptcies and recent felonies (within the last 7 years), will be disqualifying, as will be recent evictions from other HUD housing.  Lots of collections will also cause problems but if they are for medical bills, there will be greater leeway.  If there is debt on a past rental, consideration will be given if there is a payment plan in place and a decent reference from the landlord.

Harmony House (for 62+ and people with disabilities)

30 Units: 1&2 bedroom 1100 N 13th St, Shelton  360 432-9927

Wait period is currently (5/15) 6 months-3 years.  (Nobody has moved out in the last 18 months.)  Bad credit is okay. Willing to work with applicants with payment plan in place for property-related debt.  Felony convictions of any kind are grounds for denial, irrespective of how long ago they occurred.  Once eligibility is verified, applicants must check in every 6 weeks to show ongoing interest.

Killion Court

20 Units: mostly 1 bedroom; 2 units are not subsidized 405 Killion Rd, Yelm, WA  360 458-2661

Wait period:  1-2 years.  Deal with felonies, credit history, bankruptcies and evictions on a case-by-case basis. Medical bankruptcies given greater leniency.

Martin Terrace

28 Units: 1&2 bedroom 7917 Martin Way, Olympia 360 456-5125; Wait list is closed (5/15).  Check in monthly for updates.

Lewis & Clark Apartments (for people 55 and over)

1 bedrooms & studios 117 W. Magnolia, Centralia, WA  360 736-5358

Current wait period (5/15) is 6 months-1 year.   Bad credit history okay.  If someone is trying "to make good" on property-related debt, they will work with them.  Felony convictions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis but those within the last 7 years are likely to result in a denial.  Evictions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Olympia Village -- Primarily 55+ or Disabled

49 units-1 bedrooms  900 Fairview SE, Olympia, WA  360 701-4700

Note:  This is NOT subsidized housing although Section 8 vouchers are accepted.  Rent:  $750-$850.  7-8 units are wheel-chair accessible; all are handicapped accessible.  

Wait period (as of 7/15):  30-60 days.

Willing to work with bad credit, criminal record, eviction history and property debt on a case-by-case basis. 

The Olympian

50 Units: studio & 1 bedroom 519 S. Washington St, Olympia 360 628-8957; email address

Wait period is currently (5/15) 12-18 months for people 62 and over.  For younger applicants the wait period is over 2 years.

Bad credit history "not an issue."  Felonies, evictions or any property-related debts that are under 10-years-old are likely to disqualify an applicant.  Applicants who are turned down for any of these reasons can appeal.  Sex offense convictions that occurred over a decade ago will not necessarily be disqualifying.

Providence St Francis House-- Senior Only (62+)

60 units: 1 bedroom  3415 12th Ave NE, Olympia, WA  360 493-5700

Independent living.  Priority given to people experiencing homelessness, in danger of losing their housing for reasons beyond their control, or spending 50% or more of their income on rent.  For applicants who meet one of these criteria, the wait period is 1-2 years; for everyone else it is 3-4 years.  Wait list is currently open.

Assess criminal background, eviction records and credit history on a "case-by-case basis."

Rainier Apartments

22 Units: 18 1 bedrooms and four 2 bedrooms, wheelchair ramps. 202 Edwards St., Yelm, WA  360 458-3288

Wait period:  3-4 years (with waits for the 2 bedrooms likely to be longer).  Priority given to very low-income households (50% of median income), then low income, then moderate income.  

Must have good landlord references, "reasonable" credit, a good report from a rental screening service, 12 months of verifiable rental history and good personal references from non-relatives.  Applications can be terminated for any of the following reasons, among others:  open bankruptcies, any unpaid apartment collection, past evictions or current 3- or 10-day notices, any conviction for selling drugs or possession of drugs with the intent to sell, any conviction for possession of a controlled substance, any sex offense, more than two convictions for domestic violence, a total of $400 or more in unpaid collections in the last 7 years and/or any conviction involving theft, robbery, serious offense or violent crime.  

Saratoga, Senior (62+) and Disabled/Handicapped

41 Units: 37 1-bedroom & 4 2-bedroom units 1100 N 12th St, Shelton  360 427-7033

Only half of the units are eligible for rental assistance.  Full market rate for a 1 bedroom is $590/month.

Wait period (6/15):  0-3 months for a 1 bedroom; at least a year for 2 bedrooms

Three apartments are especially designated for handicapped/disabled people; other people can live in them so long as they sign a waiver agreeing to move out if a disabled person applies to live there.

Can work with bankruptcies due to medical expenses; past evictions handled on a case-by-case basis; willing to work with people who've had foreclosures; past felony convictions almost always grounds for rejection, as are outstanding debts owed to property management companies.

South Sound Villa, Senior Only (62+)

70 Units: 1 bedroom 4101 Lacey Blvd, Lacey, WA  360 459-8792

Wait period:  2 years

Can work with bad credit history.  Property-related debts can be disqualifying although they take into consideration "extenuating circumstances."  Sex offenses and violent felonies are automatically disqualifying, irrespective of how long ago they occurred.

Income limits:  $25,005 for one person; $28,600 for two.

Tumwater Apartments-- Mainly Senior

50 Units: studio & 1 bedroom 5701 6th Ave SW, Tumwater, WA  360 352-4321

Wait list currently (5/15) open.  Wait period:  2 years.  

5 accessible units are available for people with disabilities irrespective of age.  For all other units, the "head of household" must be at least 62. 

Tenant selection plan currently (5/15) being revised. Current probable grounds for denial include any eviction in the past three years, more than two credit accounts in negative standing in the last two years and felony convictions within the past seven years.  In the case of applicants who have been evicted due to drug-related criminal activity and have subsequently successfully completed a supervised drug rehabilitation program or in the event that "circumstances leading to the eviction no longer exist," management will review on a case-by-case basis.

Family Housing:

Deschutes Cove

44 Units: 2&3 bedroom 7200 Henderson Blvd, Tumwater, WA 360 753-5813

Wait period: 1-2 years for all apartments (5/15).  Note:  disabled might get priority for downstairs units in the near future.

No felonies, no evictions.  Over $3,000 in collections "will cause problems" but could be approved "with conditions," such as a guarantee.

Change of management forthcoming so policies may change. 

Evergreen Villages

180 Units: 1,2,3,&4 bedrooms 505 Division NW, Olympia 360 943-5505 (See entry above.)

Fairmont & Goldsborough Cove

40 & 20 Units, respectively: 1,2,&3 bedroom 940 Fairmont Ave, Shelton, WA 360 426-3910

Wait list (6/15): 2bdrms: a few months, for 1 and 3bdrms the wait is longer.

Any evictions within the last 4 years are disqualifying, as is debt to another property management company.  Other grounds for rejection are 1) any restraining orders within the past year; 2) serious felonies within the last 7 years; 3) lesser felonies (such as arson, assault, weapons charges) within the last 5 years; and 4) certain misdemeanors (such as theft, prostitution or obsenity) within the past year.  A 500 credit score or below will be problematic but credit history is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Screening fee:  $45/adult.

Magnolia Villa (Low Income Housing Institute)

21 Units: 2,3,&4 bedroom 1410 Magnolia, Lacey, WA  360 491-3924

Wait period:  2+ years for all units. 

Some units are restricted to homeless families, families with a disabled member and/or families at 40% of the area median income.  Any debt to, or any eviction from, subsidized housing will result in an automatic denial.  Some leeway given to evictions from non-subsidized housing that occurred over three years ago.  No violent felony convictions.  Ex-felons who have committed non-violent crimes have been let off probation or been released from jail (whichever is the more recent occurrence) at least three years prior to submitting an application.  Ex-felons who have been convicted of manufacturing drugs are ineligible.  Misdemeanors are okay unless there is an active warrant; in that case, the warrant would have to be quashed for the applicant to become eligible. 

Martin Terrace

28 Units - 1 and 2 bedroom units 7917 Martin Way, Olympia, WA 360 456-5125  (See entry above.)

Pine Gardens

28 Units: 2,3,&4 bedrooms 3000 Johns Prairie Rd, Shelton, WA 360 427-7909 

The site manager was unable to give a sense of the wait time for the units.  As of 5/15, the wait list is longest for the 2 bdrms (37 families with the applicant at the top of the list having applied in 11/14) and the shortest for the 4 bdrms (6 families with the top applicant having applied in 11/12).  (This complex also has 4 1-bdrm units that are not Section 8 housing and cost $600/month.)

Automatic denials for bankruptcies within 1 year of date of application, involuntary repossession and more than 10 collections not related to medical expenses, among other credit-related reasons.  Applicants who have been convicted of a serious felony must be crime-free for at least 10 years since the later of 1) the date of release from incarceration; or 2) completion of parole.  For the lesser felonies, the period is 7 years.  For misdemeanors the period ranges from 3 to 5 years depending on the severity of the offense.  No evictions within the last three years.  Unpaid damages or past due rent over $100 will be cause for denial.  

Kneeland Park Apartment

21 units, 2-, 3- and 4-bedrooms, 215 Turner Avenue Shelton 360 427-7909

Only 5 units accept Section 8 vouchers.  There is currently (6/15) no one on the wait list for these units but openings are rare.  The other units run on a tax credit program and monthly rents are $700/mo for a 2 bdrm, $775/mo for a 3 bdrm and $850/mo for a 4 bdrm.

Three years of eviction-free history is required.  Any eviction from federally-assisted housing for drug-related criminal history will be denied unless the evictee has successfully completed an approved, supervised drug rehab program. Any outstanding damages ro past due rent in excess of $100 will be cause for denial unless a payment plan is in place.

Negative credit will result in a denial.  Negative credit is defined as 1) bankruptcy reported within the past year; 2) bankruptcy prior to the past year and "negative information followed the bankruptcy"; 3) involuntary repossession; and 4) more than 10 collections that are not related to medical expenses.

For policies relating to conviction history, see the entry for Pine Gardens above.

Tolmie Cove

44 Units: 2&3 bedrooms 7245 32nd Ave, Olympia, WA 360 491-7907

Wait period (6/15):  3-6 months for all units.

Bad credit history:  deal with on a case-by-case basis; open bankruptcies: automatic denial; evictions from other subsidized housing: automatic denial; evictions from private housing:  deal with on a case-by-case basis; felony convictions over 7-years-old:  deal with on a case-by-case basis (even violent crimes); no sex offenders.

Woodsvilla Apartments

50 Units: 2&3 bedrooms 1015 Oakhurst Dr, Elma, WA 360 482-4840

Wait period (as of 6/15): for 2 bedrooms less than 6 mos; for 3 bedrooms at least 2 years

No evictions on record, relatively strict with credit histories, no misdemeanors within the last 3 years, no "major" felonies ever, no other felonies within the last 7 years.

Orchard Apartments

32 Units: 2&3 bedrooms 500 McKenzie, Yelm, WA 360 458-2048

Wait period: 2+ years

Any open bankruptcies, domestic violence convictions within the last 3 years, felony convictions within the last 10 years or any debt owed to a previous landlord/property management company will result in a denial of application.  Some leeway accorded to bad credit histories, certain misdemeanors committed within the last 5 years and "insufficient funds."  Three references, preferably from past landlords or property managers, required.

Evergreen Apartments

15 Units: 2 bedroom 907 W Simpson Ave, McCleary, WA  360 495-4191. (See entry for Evergreen Apartments and Rainbow Park above.)